Android now powers 2 billion devices around the world

Onstage at Google I/O yesterday, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a big milestone for the company. That huge news is that seven of the company’s core product platforms now reach more than a billion monthly active users each.

Pichar says that the most impressive statistic was Android, which as of right now has over two billion active devices. That’s billion with a b. That is pretty big news for the company for sure.

“It’s a privilege to serve users at this scale,” Pichai said, chalking up Android’s success to the rapid growth of mobile and smartphones in general. For Google, that huge install base means more than just a lot of users buying into its media store and app system. It basically helps the company move from its current mobile approach to the next-generation “AI-first approach” that the company has been pushing. It is pretty clear that Google plans to put Assistant in everything, and billions of users’ data will only help make the platform get smarter much faster. I wonder how many users it will have a year from now. I guess only time will tell. This number will only grow though as long Google doesn’t really mess things up somehow.

Source Engadget

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